May 1979 // Volume 17 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Up Front with Computers! (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

Add Sparkle to Your Programs (pdf)
Veronica Carmack
The computer may be the magic that your program needs.

A Blue-Sky Perspective (pdf)
G. Keith Douce
A future look into how Extension will be using computers.

Is There a Computer in Your Life? (pdf)
Patricia M. Tengel
Home computers will help in making family decisions.

Try It, You'll Like It! (pdf)
W. Conard Search and Mary Search
A practical example of how a computer is used in county Extension programs.

You Too Can Develop Computer Programs! (pdf)
Rob Selvage
Development of new computer programs is equated to the program development process.

The Secret Is Out (pdf)
Gerald D. Paulsen
The author discusses the capabilities of computers.

Little Package, Big Deal (pdf)
Joseph K. Campbell
The programmable calculator as an Extension tool is explored.

Making the Data Work for You (pdf)
Sara M. Steele
Computers are extremely useful in analyzing information in programming.

Computers: A Service or a Teaching Tool? (pdf)
A. Gene Nelson
Computers are needed to strengthen educational programs.

Research in Brief

"New" Post Office (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden
"ECOM (Electronic Computer Originated Mail)." Training Journal, XVI (October, 1978), 53.

Word Processing--Any Future in Extension? (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Orientation and Traning Tool (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Idea Corner

Computer Assisted Evaluation (pdf)
Warren G. Mitchell, Robert B. Frary

Computers Help Improve Nutrition (pdf)
Mary Harris

The Green Thumb (pdf)
Kenneth E. Pigg and Paul D. Warner

Tools of the Trade

Taking Computers to the Community (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
Taking Computers to the Community: Prospects and Perspectives. Carol A. Chapman and others, eds. Louisville: University of Kentucky, Department of Agricultural Economics, Development Information System for Kentucky (DISK), January, 1978. 220pp. $5.

Comparing Remote Access Sytems (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
A Comparison of Remote Access Systems. Eddie L. LaDue. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Agricultural Economics, July, 1976. 40 pp. No charge.

Management and the Computer (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
Management and the Computer. New York: American Management Association, Extension Institute, 1978 5 courses. $65 each ($60 for AMA members) or $260 for set of 5 ($240 for AMA members).