March 1979 // Volume 17 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

The Land Grant Meeting - A Productive One (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

A Way to Reach Minorities: Multicultural Awareness (pdf)
Benjamin Yep and Marynell Hollenbeck
This article provides a framework we can use to increase effectiveness and efficiency of Extension's programming and practices with racial minorities.

CHolding on to 4-H Leaders (pdf)
Glen Hass
A significant relationship exists between 4-H leader training and those who want to continue to be leaders.

A Natural Resource Program: Its Benefits and Shortcomings (pdf)
David R. Miller, M. Ellen Frye, and Hugo F. Thomas
Here's a program designed to educate community officials who make land use decisions.

Evaluation Doesn't Have to Be Difficult (pdf)
Robert P. Olson and Marjorie F. Fruin
Two evaluation approaches that can be adapted to a variety of programs are presented.

Research in Brief

Increasing Organizational Effectiveness (pdf)
Thomas A. Eaves

Detroit 4-H Program (pdf)
Charles Sappington

Idea Corner

Certified Volunteers Aid Extension Efforts (pdf)
Katherine M. Hake, Ruth W. Spidahl and John R. Crosiar


Extension Education Abroad: An Adventure in Human Sharing (pdf)
David Youmans