July 1979 // Volume 17 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

What's Down the Pike? (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

Apples, Oranges, and Extension Methods (pdf)
K. Robert Kern
Here's an approach you can use to examine and classify you teaching methods.

The Marketing Challenge: Progress or Perish (pdf)
A. L. (Roy) Frederick
This process model gives the individual producer a way to make marketing decisions.

4-H Paraprofessionals: Defining Their Tasks (pdf)
Mary Kay Munson and Jerry Parsons
An outline is presented on the Need Overlap Analysis in the Helping Process to assist in role definition for youth paraprofessionals.

Can We Reach the Urban Disadvantaged Adult? (pdf)
Leonard A. Hampton and Dub Ashton
The authors discuss their evaluation of the educational needs of disadvantaged adults and the implications for Extension programming.

Research in Brief

Home Food Preservation (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Home Energy Conservation Information (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

4-H Career Program Challenge (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Idea Corner

Home Economics Uses Private Funding (pdf)
Clara Spath, Sally Ebling

Los Ninos Chicanos y 4-H (pdf)
Donna Menart, Gene Rohrbeck