January 1978 // Volume 16 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Eye on the Doughnut (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

Motivation = Benefits Minus Costs (pdf)
Terry L. Gibson
Factors that help explain motivation

Toward Community Development (pdf)
Satish Verma & Philip A. Lewis Jr.
Eight community development principles

Helping Resource People Help You (pdf)
Leory Miles
Factors that affect a resource person's effectiveness

Research in Brief

Reader Use of Local Daily Newspapers (pdf)
R.L. Reeder

Student Participation (pdf)
W. Lee Pierce

Father/Son Partnerships (pdf)
R. L. Reeder

Recommendation Letters (pdf)
Phyllis Worden

Newspapers and Community Development (pdf)
R.L. Reeder

Decision-Making Patterns (pdf)
Irene Beavers

Media Effectiveness (pdf)
Phyllis Worden

Idea Corner

Special Supply Store (pdf)
Kenneth Copeland

Team Teaching--An Idea That Works for Me (pdf)
Adele R. Collier

Tools of the Trade

Supervisory Skills (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
Basic Supervisory Skills. Patrick M. Williams. San Jose, CA: Lansford Publishing Co., 1975. Total Module: $139.95.

TA for Management (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
TA for Management. Theodoare B. Novey. Sacramento, CA: Jalmar Press, Inc., 1976. 199 pp. $6.95.

MBO (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
MBO for Nonprofit Organizations. Dale D. McConkey. New York, NY: AMACOM, 1975. $12.95.

Search for Achievement (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
Search for Achievement. J. Hall. The Woodlands, TX: Teleometrics Int'l, 1976. Film (color) 30 minutes.

Supervisory Management (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
Supervisory Management: A Short Course in Supervision. Robert W. Eckles, Ronald Charmichael, and Bernard R. Sarchet.New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1975. 293 pp. $29.95.

People at Work (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
People at Work. Dave Francis and Mike Woodcock. LaJolla, CA: University Associates, Inc., 1975. 198 pp. $7.00.

Interviewing Skills (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
Interviewing Skills. Resources for Education and Management, Inc. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1971. Six audio cassettes and learner's guide: $10.00.