November 1977 // Volume 15 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

New Kid on the Block (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

Dilemma of Change (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
A new role model for 4-H professionals and paraprofessionals.

Discovering Dimensional Leadership (pdf)
D. Robert Troyer
A method of helping professionals discover and improve their leadership style.

Towards Better Program Development (pdf)
Craig Oliver
Effective program planning results from a blending of all resources-- top down to grass roots.

Idea Corner

Neighborhood Plant Clinics (pdf)
Charles L. Hall, Jr.

City Gardeners (pdf)
Mary Mastalerz

Reaching Food Stamp Families (pdf)
Mary Marshall


Health: Whose Responsibility? (pdf)
Signe S. Cooper


What an Issue!
Edwin H. Amend, Frances J. Wagner