July 1977 // Volume 15 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

The Wisdom of Our Founding Fathers (pdf)
Jerry Parsons

Feature Articles

Becoming What We Are (pdf)
Tom McCormick
A review of our past and how it shapes Extension today and tomorrow.

What Do You Say After You Say "Hello?" (pdf)
H. G. Marsh
An application of TA to Extension contacts.

Land-Use Planning: What's Extension's Role? (pdf)
J. W. Pou
Seven guidelines for a land-use policy statement.

Research in Brief

Job/Life Stresses (pdf)
Phyllis Worden

Americans Volunteer (pdf)
Del Dyer

New Breed of Old People (pdf)
R. L. Reeder

Programming for Disadvantaged (pdf)
Laverne Forest


Assuring Quality in University Extension Programs: A Call for Research (pdf)
Frank Spikes

Public Policy and You (pdf)
Alice Schultz

Chippewa County, Wisconsin Cover Letter (pdf)
Donald Dukerschein

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
The topic this issue is supervision. There are so many materials in this area it would be impossible to review them all. But, here are a few I thought you'd be interested in.