May 1977 // Volume 15 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Personal Development (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden, Guest Editor

Feature Articles

Positive Addiction (pdf)
William Glasser
You can become addicted in positive ways.

You can become addicted in positive ways.
Barbara E. Scudder
A step-by-step process for self-learning in your local library.

Are Your Reading Habits a Liability?(pdf)
Brenda L. Foster
Helps you can use to analyze and improve your reading skills.

Do It Now: Estate Planning (pdf)
Alice Mills Morrow
Concerned about estate planning? Read this article as a starter.

Looking at the Total Picture (pdf)
Mary Ann Peterson
A technique to help in planning.

Early Retirement Is Possible (pdf)
Evelyn D. Harne
A recent retiree shares an early retirement.

A New Vocation: Prepare for Retirement(pdf)
Marge and Carl Herzman
Retirement needs to include planning with one's spouse.

Your Handwriting and Your Ego (pdf)
Rose Matousek
Your writing style reveals a lot about your personality.

A Better Way Than Type A (pdf)
Richard M. Suinn
A discussion of recognizing and reducing stress.

Telling It Like It Is (pdf)
A compilation of articles by Extension personnel expressing a variety of emotional situations.

Rebuilding Blocks in the Divorce Process (pdf)
Bruce Fisher
A divorce model that's helpful in working through one's relationships in advance.

Adventures in Attitude (pdf)
Robert W. Pike
A positive personal development course.

Developing Your Colors and Textures (pdf)
Linda W. Helgerson, Michael M. Lombardo
Description of a professional leadership training course at Center for Creative Leadership.

4-H Intership: Reflection and Renewal (pdf)
Susanne G. Fisher
Learn more about this professional improvement oppurtunity at the National 4-H Center.

Professional Development: A Family Affair (pdf)
Anne H. Rideout
A unique way of learning and sharing for personal growth and development.

It's Possible- A Full-Time Job and a Master's Too! (pdf)
Ann Harrison
One way of completing a master's degree.

One way of completing a master's degree.
Ruth B. Beale
A study-leave experience in the Netherlands.

"Reason for Living" Programming (pdf)
Margaret Ann Ross
You, too, might consider a work-related travel experience in this country. Read this interesting study report.

Putting It All Together (pdf)
Gene W. Turner
A variety of study and growth experiences helped this Extension professional.

Serving Is an Education (pdf)
Gary B. Garey
A description of personal growth through national board experiences.

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt


Bibliography of current magazines for personal growth and development (pdf)