July 1976 // Volume 14 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

What It Is--Is Human Development (pdf)
Jerry Parsons

Feature Articles

Paraprofessionals: Critical Job Requirements (pdf)
Frank A. Santopolo, Karolyn Kell
Behaviors and attitudes associated with successful paraprofessionals.

Reviewing County Extension Programs (pdf)
Warren L. Prawl, William J. Jorns
How county program reviews are done in Kansas.

Training Needs in 1890 Institutions (pdf)
Henry M. Brooks
Training needs of specialists are identified.

Extension Staffing Patterns: Clientele Views (pdf)
Joe D. Pittman, Clarence J. Cunningham, Richard E. Young
Do Extension clientele view one staffing pattern more effective than another? Are clientele more satisfied with how Extension develops and carries out programs in one staffing pattern than another?

Research in Brief

Managers' Learning Environment Preferences (pdf)
Irene Beavers

Adolescent Suicide (pdf)
Charles Sappington

Effects of Study Guide (pdf)
Willie Pierce

Best Teaching Method for Aged? (pdf)
Willie Pierce

Idea Corner

How to Enjoy Your Own Funeral (pdf)
Karen Lavender

I & R for Learning (pdf)
William Draves