May 1976 // Volume 14 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Thou Doth Protest... (pdf))
Jerry Parsons

Feature Articles

Pinpointing Morale Problems (pdf))
William C. Giegold, William E. Skelton
An approach to assessing job satisfaction and dealing with dissatisfied staff members.

Environmental Practices: New Strategies Needed (pdf)
J. C. van Es, Fred C. Pampel
Research data supports the need for new strategies to sell farmers on environmental practices.

Economics in Action: A Program for Youth (pdf)
W. M. Garmon, D. G. Harwood, Jr.
A program that enables young people to understand economic practices of business and industry.

Research in Brief

The Successful Manager (pdf)
Thomas Trail

Role of the Home Economist (pdf)
Irene Beavers

Neighborhood Leadership Workshop (pdf)
Del Dyer

Drug Users Versus Drug Abusers (pdf)
Charles Sappington

Interests of Pre-adolescents (pdf)
Charles Sappington

Small Beef Producers (pdf)
Thomas Trail

Idea Corner

Continuing Education for Nursing Home Elderly (pdf)
Alma S. Baron

What's It All About? (pdf)
Ceil Winiecki


Forum (pdf)

Book Reviews

Leadership (pdf)
Denzil O. Clegg
Leadership and Effective Management. Fred E. Fiedler and Martin M. Chemers. Glenview Illinois: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1974. 166 pp., illustrated paperback. $5.95

Abstracts (pdf)

Fun Time Activities
Fun Time Activities-- Community Projects. Cameron and Margaret Yerian, eds. Chicago: Children's Press, 1975. 47 pp. $5.25.
Management: The Individual, the Organization, the Process. Gerald H. Graham. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1975. 528 pp. $12.95.
People-Reading: How We Control Others, How They Control Us. Ernst G. Beier and Evans G. Valens. New York: Stein and Day Publishers, 1975. 228 pp. $8.95.
Living Communication
Living Communication. Abne M. Eisenberg. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. : Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1975. 350 pp. $6.95 (paper).
Better Poloroid Pictures
How To Take Better Poloroid Pictures. Weston Kemp. Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1975. 86 pp. $3.95.
Human side of Organization
The Human Side of Organization. Stan Kossen. San Francisco: Canfield Press, 1975. 370 pp. $10.95.
Communication in Agriculture
Communications in Agriculture: The American Farm Press. James F. Evans and Rodolfo N. Salcedo. Ames: The Iowa State University Press, 1974. 264 pp. $6.95.
Photography. 2nd ed. Phil Davis. Dubuque, Iowa: William C. Brown Company Publishers, 1975. 354 pp. $9.95.
Organization Development and Change
Organization Development and Change. St. Paul, Minn.: West Publishing Company, 1975. 448 pp. $12.95.


A Valuable Tool (pdf)
Beverly Williams