Summer 1974 // Volume 12 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Patrick J. Borich

Feature Articles

Blood and Gore on the Information Campaign Trail (pdf)
Rodolfo N. Salcedo
Many Extension professionals look to public service information campaigns as a major method of message dissemination. This author says that discouraging results may occur through the heavy reliance on public service campaigns for changing knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of the intended audience. He provides evidence to show that a variety of channels are more useful than public service mass media alone for affecting behavioral change.

Must Training Be Practical? (pdf)
G. L. Carter, Jr.
This article focuses on the important question: "Can on-the-job training for Extension staff be made more effective and efficient?" The author, a former Journal of Extension editor, believes that on-the-job training can be accomplished that has a demonstrable impact on the way a county Extension administrator performs his job. He cites a case study to prove his point.

4-H Recreation and Its Teaching Potential (pdf)
Mary L. Cranford
Many times in conducting youth programs, Extension professionals have often used recreation as a reward for acceptable behavior during the "educational" portion of the activity. Often this recreation time is the first to be eliminated if the length of the educational activity becomes excessive. This author contends that the Extension educator must identify recreation as an important educational program by itself-- Extension personnel must be concerned with integrating recreation, rather than placing it in a secondary position of importance. Finally, implications and reccommendations for incorporating recreation into 4-H activities are discussed. How do they differ from your views of recreation and its place in youth programs?

Planning Powerful Extension Programs (pdf)
William W. Reeder, Nelson L. LeRay, Jr., and Susan T. Mackenzie
This article is Part II on the subject of diagnosing problems and reacting to these problems by planning Extension educational programs. Part I on problem diagnosis was published in the last issue of the Journal of Extension. This article focuses on the Extension educator applying his skills to the analysis of the problem and establishing Extension programs that will meet the needs of the people facing the problem. The authors provide a framework for the practicing Extension educator to use. The article is worthy of considerable discussion by Extension professionals.

Research in Brief

Research in Brief (pdf)

Points of View

Congratulations on Winter Journal (pdf)
Harold B. Swanson

Idea Corner

Extension's Role in Beautification Programs
James A. Christenson

Retired Chefs Unlimited
Rita Ruff

Book Reviews (pdf)

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William G. Bell

The Encounter Game. Bruce L. Maliver. New York, New York: Stein and Day, Publishers, 1973. 250 pp. $7.95
H. F. Cottingham

Toward a Working Philosophy of Adult Education. Jerold W. Apps. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University, Publications in Continuing Education and the ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult Education, 1973. 65 pp. $3.00 (paper)
Joseph W. Jacques

Training for Change Agent: A Guide to the Design of Training Programs in Education and Other Fields. Ronald G. Havelock and Mary C. Havelock. Ann Arbor, Michigan: The University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research, CRUSK, 1973. 228 pp. No Price Given
Leonard Nadler

Abstracts (pdf)

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The Not-So-Helpless Female: How to Change the World Even If You Never Thought You Could: A Sep-by-Step Guide to Social Action. Tish Sommers. New York, New York: David McKay Company, Inc., 1973. 240 pp. $7.95.

Minority Group Relations. James G. Martin and Clyde W. Franklin. Columbus, Ohio: Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company, 1973. 338 pp. $8.95.