Summer 1973 // Volume 11 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Eldora E. Keske

Point of View

Points of View (pdf)
Extending the University
Dave Miller

Feature Articles

Administrative Surgery: A Logical Imperative? (pdf)
Peter Warnock
The author uses a fictitious, but ever-so-real, situation to demonstrate the complexity of administration today in what was once a simple Extension setting. As the number of professional and paraprofessional staff increase in an Extension unit, more staff are becoming involved in administrative and supervisory roles. A great need exists for such staff to become concerned and familiar with management correctives in handling personnel problems before resorting to probation, suspension, or termination actions. You'll benefit by reading Warnock's suggestions for administrative surgery.

Contemporary Approach to Administrative Decision Making (pdf)
Leonard A. Hampton, Fremont A. Shull, Jr.
Decision making in Extension administration, as in other organizations and institutions, has undergone many changes. The authors discuss the evolvement of decision-making theory from the authoritarian style in the early days to the current trend toward the participative approach. They suggest functional analysis as one method applicable to such a highly complex, decentralized organization as Extension. Where do you stand on this issue?

Youth Know What They Want (pdf)
George T. Blume
Blume surveyed youth, some of whom were 4-Hers in Virginia, to find out what they considered important relative to their vocational preferences. He found "remarkable consistancy in the job choice factor rankings" among both boys and girls for ages 13 to 22. If career attitudes and patterns are, in fact, developed by age 13, is some sort of career exploration activity in order for younger junior 4-H members? What's your opinion?

Agricultural Program Aides-- Why Not? (pdf)
Howard Ladewig, Vance W. Edmondson
The authors report the results of a pilot research program in Texas involving the use of local low-income farmers as agricultural program aides to bring about changes in agricultural production and management and level of living. After aides worked intensively with them, farmers in counties where aides were ranked high by Extension staff on 15 character and personal traits were found to make greater use of USDA agencies and showed greater increases in gross farm income than those farmers in counties where aides were ranked low by Extension staff on the traits. Implications are that "we have just begun" efforts involving paraprofessionals in agricultural Extension education. Where do you think we should go from here?

Research in Brief (pdf)

Adult Learner Participation in Program Planning
P. Borich

AFDC Mothers Group: An Exploratory Effort in Community Mental Health
V. McGaugh

Community Movie Mirror
M. Miller

Agricultural Extension in Antioquia, Columbia
L. Pesson

Quality in Classrooms
D. Stormer

Training Needs of County Program Building Committee Members in Texas
D. Blackburn

"An Extension Council Members Representative of the Total Population?"
D. Blackburn

"A Ladder of Citizen Participation"
D. Littrell

Second Careers for Women. A View from the San Francisco Peninsula.
V. McGaugh

"Factors Associated with Leadership in a Rural Village of Malaysia"
L. Pesson

"Competition and the Star Spangled Scramble"
D. Stormer

"Teenagers Discuss Age Restrictions"
D. Stormer

"TV for Kiddies: Truth, Goodness, Beauty-- and a Little Bit of Brainwash
D. Stormer

"O.I.C." Experimental and Demonstration Project
C. Trent

Family and Personal Development in Adult Basic Education: Cirriculum Guide and Resource Units
C. Trent

Minnesota Metropolitan State College: Prospectus II
C. Trent

Book Reviews (pdf)

Educational Accountability: Beyond Behavioral Objectives. Arthur W. Combs. Washington, D.C.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1972. 40 pp. $2.50 (paper).
Robert E. Snyder

Behavioral Change in Agriculture: Concepts and Strategies for Influencing Transition. J. Paul Leagans and Charles P. Loomis, eds. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1971. 506 pp. $14.50.
Satish Verma

Programming in the Cooperative Extension Service: A Conceptual Schema. E.J. Boone, R.J. Dolan, and R.W. Shearon. Raleigh, North Carolina: Agricultural Extension Service, 1971. 19 pp. No price given.
Virginia R. Griffin

Abstracts (pdf)

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Idea Corner

Idea Corner (pdf)
Tree-Toons" for Teaching Tree Identification
Alden C. Main
An Extension Incident
J.C.M. Shute