Winter 1971 // Volume 9 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Eldora E. Keske

Point of View

Point of View(pdf)
I Agree!
Hoyt M. Warren
Valid Criticisms
James Lewis

Feature Articles

The College and the Small Community: an Account of Collective Decision Making (pdf)
Helen F. Bruner
How do you deal with conflict in a highly explosive situation? "Town" and "gown" hostilities have existed in small communities for many years. However, the rapid growth of colleges, compounded by the influx of black students and other minority groups and social unrest, has led to volatile confrontation in some communities between the campus population and townspeople. The author presents a case study in which the group process Program Planning Model was the problem-solving technique used. She describes how representatives of both segments of the community were involved in working together to solve their conflicts. Can you apply and use this model in your work as an extension professional?

Counseling: Another Dimension on the Agent's Role (pdf)
Curtis Trent, Stephen Donohue
Trent and Donohue suggest that for many years county Extension agents have been performing the role of a "counselor" without knowing it. They present a case for it being a valid function with a real need existing for people to have a sounding board- someone to listen to them. They don't propse that Extension agents become professional counselors, but that courses in the field of human behavior be included in their graduate training programs to fill this void.

Malnutrition: A Deterrent to Human Progress (pdf)
Nancy E. Johnson, R. Elaine Found
Malnutrition is an environmental stress that can damage the developing brains of the world's children. In the United States, it's most prevalent among low-income families. Sufficient protein in the diets of expectant mothers and infants at critical times is necessary to prevent retardation of mental development and intellectual capacity. Research findings on undernourished experimental animals are cited here as well as studies involving children suffering the effects of malnutrition in infancy. The authors suggest ways Extension professionals can help solve the problem of malnutrition.

Extension's Part in Better Communities: A Case Study (pdf)
Gerald F. Vaughn
A need to make land-use controls work and become development policy that serve as guidelines for zoning ordinances prompted Delaware Extension Service to launch an all-out effort to reach a goal of better planned communities. Vaughn presents the USDA- University of Delaware project to demonstrate the process used and shares the recommendations of their Extension advisory committees. He discusses how various segments of the population in Delaware's counties were approached to enable the goal of community improvement to be reached. He also cites the positive results of 15 years of hard work, while at the same time indicating "land-use planning unfortunately has done little for meaningfully improving the lives of people in hard-core poverty-- despite claims to the contrary." Do you agree with him?

Research in Brief (pdf)

Training Needs of County Program Committee in Texas.
P. Boyle

A Study of the Responses of Individuals with Different Interpersonal Needs with Respect to Variant Forms of Training in Group and Interpersonal Relations.
P. Boyle

Methods of Determining Inservice Training Needs of Beginning County Extension Agents.
P. Boyle

"The Educational Trialogue."
P. Boyle

Community Resource Development- How Extension Workers Perceive the Job.
P. Boyle

Propensity for Change Among the Rural Poor in the Mississippi Delta: A Study of the Roots of Social Mobility.
R. Kleis, D. Boggs

Decision Making and Age: Interdisciplinary Topics in Gerontology.
R. Kleis, W. Mielke

Learning and Leisure in Middle and Later Life.
J.P. Leagans

Adult Motives for Engaging in Intellectual Effort.

"You Are What You Do: A New Approach in Preparation for Marriage."
V. McGaugh

"Needs and Interests of Young Homemakers Living in Two Low-Income Housing Projects."
V. McGaugh

"Sex Education for Parents."
V. McGaugh

Experiments in the Establishment of Verbal Behaviors in Children Through the Training of Mothers in Behavior Modification.
V. McGaugh

"Industrialization and the Community Status Structure."
M. Miller, D. Walker, J. Elliot

Reaction of SUNY Students Toward Independent Study Courses.
M. Miller

"A Study of the Effectiveness of ITV as a Supplement to Face-to-Face Teaching of Functional Illiterates."
M. Miller

"Television Performances Effectiveness: A Study of Related Variables and the Effects of Inservice Training and Evaluative Feedback."
M. Miller

Evaluation of the Louisiana Nutrition Education Program.
M. Miller

Communication in India: Experiments in Introducing Change.
M. Miller

Community Action in Appalachia.
M. Miller

"A Study of Mass Communication Media Influence upon the Adult Learner- Implications for Programming."
M. Miller

"A Child's Garden of Law and Order."
D. Stormer

4-H Club Literature Study.
D. Stormer

"A Systems Approach to the Planning and Formulation of Technology Augmented Programs for Management Education."
C. Trent

A Proposal for the Development of the NCIMC Elements of Supervision Course.
C. Trent

"The 1969 Riverdale Communication Workshop- An Evaluation of an In-Service Training Program in the North Dakota Cooperative Extension Service."
C. Trent

Book Reviews (pdf)

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James E. Lawrence

An Introduction to the Art of Leadership of Community Service Organizations. Samuel Jonathan Schreiner. New York, New York: Vantage Press, 1970. 144 pp. $4.50.
Walter T. Bjoraker

The Reluctant Farmer: The Rise of Agricultural Extension to 1914. Roy V. Scott. Urbana, Illinois: The University of Illinois Press, 1970. 362 pp. $8.95.
J.D. George

Social Disadvantagement and Dependency. George W. Craddock, Calvin E. Davis, and Jeanne L. Moore. Lexington, Massachusetts: D.C. Heath and Company, 1970. 138 pp. $10.00.
Irwin R. Jahns

Woodruff: A Study of Community Decision Making. Albert Schaffer and Ruth Connor Schaffer. Chapel HIll, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 325 pp. $10.00
Maurice E. Voland

Abstracts (pdf)

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Free-Access Higher Education. Warren W. Willingham. New York, New York: College Entrance Examination Board, 1970. 240 pp. $6.50.

Idea Corner

Idea Corner (pdf)
Grass, Gravel, and Grins
Art Hadley
Teens Need More Community Involvement
Department of Informaion and Agricultural Journalism
Staff Development in Practice
Leslie J. Rollins