Summer 1971 // Volume 9 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Jerold W. Apps

Point of View

Point of View(pdf)

Feature Articles

When Organizations Change...(pdf)
Randall Barnett, Logan Louderback
When an organization makes major changes, there are two basic concerns. How can the organization be adjusted to meet the needs of clientele? What effect will the anticipated changes have on the staff's job satisfaction? The authors studied the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service staff where three major organizational changes took place- generalist to specialist, enlarged geographical areas, and a changed supervisory structure. The article suggests guidelines to follow before major organizational changes are made.

Youth Agent's Job: Critical Components (pdf)
Loren F. Goyen
Goyen studied five critical-task areas for youth agents: program development and execution, individual help and counseling, organization, interpersonal relationships, and public relations. His findings suggest that competence in areas of agriculture or home economics wasn't critical for youth agents to be effective. He concludes that youth agents need additional training in the behavioral sciences and in adult or extension education. The study also provides a way of looking at the "proper role" of youth programs.

Alliance for Strength (pdf)
Peter Warnock, Donald Jewwtt
Cooperative Extension and the community colleges should join forces in solving community problems. "Each may be able to do something on its own, but neither has the staff, technology, nor educational programs to help communities with all their needs," the authors say. There are several benefits in cooperating. Extension could update its image, and community colleges could become involved in "education for action" programs. And, the alliance between the two institutions could strengthen public support for community educational programs.

Inner-City Youth Programs: Guidelines (pdf)
Jerry Parsons
For several years now, Extension has groped for approaches to reach inner-city youth. Parsons suggests program and organizational guidelines for the professional youth leader to use in developing and implementing educational programs in the inner city. "The present 4-H and Youth Programs can't be transferred to the inner-city," he says. But present Extension youth programs provide"...a sound philosophical basis for developing programs for inner-city youth." Extension could become a leader here, the author feels.

Research in Brief (pdf)
Edwin H. Amend, acting editor

Continuing Engineering Education: Who Really Needs It? (What Is the Market for Continuing Education?)
P. Boyle

Report of Community Problems Survey Analyses.
P. Boyle

"Factors Affecting the Allocation of County Resources to Area Specialists in Agriculture in Kansas."
P. Boyle

"Recall in Children and Adults."
R. Kleis, D. Boggs

Education for Aging: A Review of Recent Literature.
R. Kleis, D. Boggs

"A Longitudinal Study of Continuing Education of Municipal Officials in East Central Florida, 1964-1968."
R. Kleis, D. Boggs

Learning for Individual and Social Development.
J.P. Leagans

"The Danish Folk High School: An Experiment in Humanistic Education."
J.P. Leagans

"Paulo Freire."
J.P. Leagans

"Gaining Experience in Working with Low-Income Suburban Homemakers Through the Development of an Educational Program in Foods and Nutrition for the Tri-Town Economic Oppurtunity Center."
Velma McGaugh

"Iowa Adult Homemaking Teachers' Perception of the Content Areas of Adult Vocational Homemaking Education."
Velma McGaugh

A Feasibility Study of Parent Awareness Programs.
Velma McGaugh

"The Man in the House."
Velma McGaugh

"An Analysis of Courses, Course Content, and Subject Matter Areas Most Appropriate for Use in Development of a Master's Degree in Extension Education for Youth Workers."
M. Miller

"An Exploratory Investigation of the Effects of Microlab Activities and Instrumented Exercises on Selected Outcomes of Participation Training."
M. Miller

"A Study of Adult Education Needs as Perceived by Lincoln County Part-Time Farmers."
M. Miller

"The Effects of Selected Programming-Analog Techniques and Voice-Contact on Completion Behavior in Correspondence Education."
M. Miller

"Growth and Development of Adults Through Understanding Self and Others."
M. Miller

Massachusetts Bay TV Assembly: A Community Education Project of University of Massachusetts-Boston.
M. Miller

The Obscenity Report: The Report of the Task Force on Pornography and Obscenity.
D. Stormer

"Pornography and the American Male Adolescent."
D. Stormer

"Comparison of Verbal Behavior of Teachers Teaching Both Adult Basic Education and Public School Classes."
C. Trent

Supervision of Agricultural Extension in the Ascasubi Experiment Station ARA, Argentina: With Suggestions for Its Improvement.
C. Trent

Self-Study Course for Adult 4-H Leaders.
C. Trent

Personnel Development in Adult Education.
C. Trent

Book Reviews (pdf)

The Daily Needs and Interests of Older People. Adeline M. Hoffman, ed. Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, 1970. 493 pp. $16.50.
Mary E. Coleman

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Donald Stormer

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Ronald Manthe

Marriage and Family Relationships. Richard H. Klemer. New York, New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1970. 340 pp. $7.95.
Jane C. Buchholtz

Psychological Development in Children. Robert D. Singer and Anne Singer. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: W.B. Saunders Company, 1969. 437 pp. $8.00.
E.J. Lueder

Abstracts (pdf)

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Use of the Mass Media by the Urban Poor. Bradley S. Greenberg and Brenda Dervin. New York, New York: Praeger Publishers, 1970. 251 pp. $13.50.

Idea Corner

Idea Corner (pdf)

Extension and Junior College Sponsor TV Series
Bill Beach
Leading a Goodwill Tour
Harold B. Taylor