Summer 1968 // Volume 6 // Number 2

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Point of View

Point of View(pdf)
Other Views on Agent Qualifications, G.L. Carter, Jr.
Jack McCall
Richard L. Cass
Mary Marshal
Don Bailey
Bill Young
Jim Freeman

Workshop Scheduled - Miss Phyllis Cunningham

Feature Articles

Peer Activities of Preadolescents (pdf)
George P. Rowe
Studies have been made of peer activities and relationships of teenagers, but there is little research on the interpersonal and group patterns of preadolescents (9 to 13 years of age). In this study of Missouri youth, the author investigates the type of peer activities the preadolescent engages in, the relative frequency of his associations on both a group and individual basis, and his attitudes and behavior toward children of the same and opposite sex. The conclusions have many implications for educators, for parents, and for leaders of preadolescent youth programs and organizations.

What Is an Attitude? (pdf)
Hugh M. Culbertson
As adult educators, we are interested in changing or reinforcing attitudes. But what do we really mean when we use the word "attitude"? And why do people sometimes appear to have a certain attitude, then behave in a different way? In this article, the supposedly simple notion of "attitude" is explored. The author discusses the reasons attitudes alone do not determine behavior, and what conditions must exist before attitude is a good predictor of behavior. He suggests that Extension educators might profitably look at some of these dimensions of attitude as they work with people in planning and carrying out programs.

Five Approaches to Community Resource Development (pdf)
Harry A. Cosgriffe
Extension personnel concerned with community resource development are often unclear as to its educational components, approaches and boundaries. Present definitions have not helped to make these educational elements visible. Here a typology (classification) is presented that describes five different types or approaches to community resource development. These types are represented as encompassing the several different ways in which Cooperative Extension is going about community resource development. This typology was developed from a study of published materials (progress reports and conference proceedings) and recent observations made in a number of states in which such work is being conducted.

On Being a Supervisor (pdf)
Royal Bank of Canada
There is more to the job of supervisor than the physical management of a daily work schedule. The intangible goal of obtaining top efficiency while maintaining pleasant work surroundings presents an exciting challenge. Factors creating this productive atmosphere are discussed in this article. If a supervisor combines good judgment, positive action, reason, and a sensitive knowledge of people in dealing with his employees, he can produce a staff that will do its best with enthusiasm for the organization.

Education or Information Giving? (pdf)
Russ A. Mahan, Stephan R. Bollman
Today's educator must increasingly go beyond presenting "just the facts." For the success of a teacher's educative attempt it is vital that he make sure his learner has understood the information given and can now put it to use. The authors feel the ability of the learner to apply knowledge is as necessary for the success of Extension programs as is the quality of the information presented. They deal with the question: How does an educator develop the sensitivity to accomplish this goal of learner-focused teaching?

In-Depth Teaching in Extension (pdf)
Arlen E. Lutz, Donald E. Frerichs, Susan S. Lewis
In an attempt to increase attendance and interest in Extension meetings, the Nebraska Extension Service tried an "in-depth" workshop or short course in the early 60's. Previous Extension efforts focused on presenting specific recommendations. This workshop emphasized the "why" (background information or underlying principles), in addition to presenting specific recommendations. Response was so favorable, the program was expanded. The authors discuss the evaluation of these in-depth workshops, with emphasis on (1) what kind of farmer attends, (2) how well this method satisfies the farmer's need, and (3) what guidelines the workshop study gives to Extension workers.

Research in Brief (pdf)
Mason E. Miller, editor

How Tough a Course? Depends on Who You're Teaching.
Key to Community Change.

Book Reviews (pdf)

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Doris Staidl

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J. Cordell Hatch

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