Winter 1964 // Volume 2 // Number 4

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About This Issue

About This Issue
The Editors

Feature Articles

Your Professionalism Shows (pdf)
Paul B. Barger
A Professional who fails to pursue a plan for keeping up is likely soon to be producing far below potential.

The Area Specialist Position (pdf)
Frank S. Zettle
The future of area specialists depends upon the degree to which they become involved in meaningful programs.

Who Will Serve as Youth Leaders? (pdf)
Patrick G. Boyle, Mohammad A. Douglah
Substantial numbers of people are willing who have never served in any youth leadership capacity.

Public Relations in Extension (pdf)
F. L. Ballard
Effective programming under the leadership of competent personnel becomes the basis for meaningful public relations.

A Look at Program Planning (pdf)
R. L. Bruce
We need more solid fact and less assumption, more evidence and less sentiment to make planning effective./span>

Family Development (pdf)
Reuben Hill
The family's age and sex composition makes it a puny and unwieldy group to bring into action on any problem.

Search for Leadership (pdf)
John S. Holik, James H. Claycomb
Varying views of leadership suggest that situations may differ in their demand for kinds of persons to fill leadership positions.

Research in Brief (pdf)
R. L. Bruce, editor

Retention of 4-H Club Members
Retention of Homemakers in Programs
Radio and Television Behavior
Learning Capacity of Adults

Book Reviews (pdf)

Leading Teen-Age Groups. By Dorothy M. Roberts, 1963. Available from Association Press, 291 Broadway, New York 7, N.Y. 254 pp. $3.95.
Bruce Flint

Adult Education Procedures. By Paul Bergevin, Dwight Morris, and Robert M. Smith, 1963. Available from The Seabury Press, Inc., Greenwich, Conn. 245 pp. $6.00.
Joyce Cleveland

Rural Extension at the Crossroads. Edited by J.M.A. Penders, 1963. Available from International Agricultural Centre, Wageningen, The Netherlands. 249 pp. fl 18 (approximately $5.00, U.S. currency).
Fawzi Abdullah

Abstracts (pdf)

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