Fall 1964 // Volume 2 // Number 3

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About This Issue

About This Issue
The Editors

Feature Articles

Professional Standards (pdf)
Jane S. Klingman
A profession rests on a proved body of knowledge; the professional uses this knowledge in service to others.

Young Homemakers and Extension (pdf)
Eva L. Goble
Learning is not viewed as a means of improving performance in the young homemaker's most important role.

Group Formation for Teaching (pdf)
James W. Longest
Sociometrically formed groups are particularly suited to meet demands of many current teaching situations in Extension.

Innovation in Extension (pdf)
Linnea B. Holland
Failure of the agent or leader to understand group interactions will directly affect potential success of learning experiences.

Dynamics of Instructional Groups (pdf)
Anna B. Brown
Leaders of women's associations are in position to influence, favorably or otherwise, acceptance of educational opportunities in a community.

County Chairman Position (pdf)
Robert C. Clark, Fawzi M. Abdullah
Staff with work experience as administrators tend to see greater value in the position of chairman.

Alternative to Extension's Future (pdf)
Donald R. Fessler
Emphasis should be on meeting the needs of people wherever they live.

Intelligent Behavior in 4-H (pdf)
Robert E. Bills
The task of 4-H is to create intelligence in boys and girls.

Book Reviews (pdf)

Adult Education. By Coolie Verner with assistance of Alan Booth, 1964. Available from The Center for Applied Research in Education, Inc., 70 5th Ave., New York 11, N.Y. 118 pp. $3.50.
Russell D. Robinson

Cooperation in Change. By Ward Hunt Goodenough, 1963. Available from Russell Sage Foundation, New York, N.Y. 543 pp. $6.50.
George E. Russell

The Structure and Dynamics of Organization and Groups. By Eric Berne, 1963. Available from J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 260 pp. $7.50.
Ann Thompson

Problem-Solving Discussions and Conferences. By Norman R. F. Maier, 1963. Available from McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, N.Y. 262 pp. $6.95.
Sarah S. Knox

The Teacher and Learning. By Ernest O. Melby, 1963. Available from the Center for Applied Research in Education, Inc., 70 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10011. 118 pp. $3.95.
John T. Woeste

Abstracts (pdf)

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