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June 2012 // Volume 50 // Number 3 // Editorial // v50 -3ed1

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JOE Resources Online

"JOE Resources Online" reminds readers and especially prospective authors of the online resources that provide information about JOE and help for authors. "June JOE" calls everyone's attention to an article that should help prospective authors ensure data quality in their research and evaluation studies and highlights several noteworthy articles in an issue that is full of them.

Laura Hoelscher
Editor, Journal of Extension
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana

JOE Resources Online

I've talked about this before, but it bears repeating. JOE offers many resources online that provide information about the journal and help for prospective authors.

The JOE FAQs contain answers galore to frequently asked questions.

  • Many published authors going up for promotion ask me about JOE's acceptance rate. They'd get their answer faster by going straight to JOE FAQ #2.
  • More information that's useful in the promotion quest is available via JOE FAQ #5. The answer to the question about how wide JOE's readership is takes people to a page that includes readership statistics, the nations accessing JOE, and—most useful of all to those whose articles are on the lists—the Top 50 Most Read Articles by year from 2005 through 2011.
  • Other authors ask about becoming a JOE reviewer. All they have to do is check out JOE FAQ #8 and follow through if they're still interested. (And I hope they are, because JOE can always use good, responsible reviewers.)

I've mentioned just three of 22 FAQs, and I hope I've made my point.

As for help for prospective authors, besides the JOE Submission Guidelines , much more help is available on the Help for JOE Authors site.

Among the 27 resources currently available there, some notable ones are:

Authors new to scholarly publishing and those who want to know more about what makes for a strong JOE article can learn plenty at Help for JOE Authors.

June JOE

To continue the theme of help for JOE authors, especially those new to scholarly publishing, I'm calling everyone's attention to the first Tools of the Trade article, "Ensuring Data Quality in Extension Research and Evaluation Studies." Not only does the article discuss an important topic and include a very helpful data quality checklist, but its excellent References section lists and links to numerous other JOE articles on rigor, methodology, and data quality.

The two Commentaries in the June issue, "Disaster Preparedness and the Cooperative Extension Service" and "Emergency Exercise Participation and Evaluation," are reminders of the valuable work being done by Extension in disaster and emergency preparedness.

There are also quite a few articles on nutrition, health, and wellness, and two articles likely to interest those who work with pork producers.

Finally, tree surveys are the focus of "SWAT (Student Weekend Arborist Team): A Model for Land Grant Institutions and Cooperative Extension Systems to Conduct Street Tree Inventories" and "Building Partnerships: Connecting Communities, Master Gardener Volunteers, Industry, and Extension Through Tree Surveys."

And all of this has merely scratched the surface of still another great issue!