October 2002 // Volume 40 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

"JOE Usage Statistics" demonstrates that JOE reaches far and wide and that, if you're published in JOE, so do you. "October 2002 JOE" talks about some of the articles in this issue.

JOE Usage Statistics

If you haven't yet visited the JOE Usage Statistics page, check it out. "The Top 50 Most Read Articles" list I wrote about in the last issue is just one of several informative features that speak to JOE's "reach."

Interested in how many visitors/readers JOE averages? Visit Readership Statistics. You'll also learn the difference between a "hit and a "page view" (and why the latter is a more reliable indicator than the former).

Want to know which countries access JOE? Visit Nations Accessing JOE. You'll see a list of 135 countries, starting with Albania and ending with Zimbabwe.

Curious about which U.S. institutions take most advantage of JOE? Visit The 25 Institutions Accessing JOE Most Frequently.

Robyn Ness, JOE Web developer, will be updating these pages every 6 months or so and has at least one more interesting feature in the works, so don't make yours a one-time visit.

JOE reaches far and wide. And, if you're published in JOE, so do you.

October 2002 JOE

We have two good Commentaries this month, both of which could set the cat among the pigeons. If you have an opinion to share about either or both of them, please don't forget the JOE Discussion Forum.

The convergence of information technology and training gets a lot of coverage in the October issue. At least eight of the 26 articles deal with this important subject.

In the August issue, we had two Tools of the Trade articles that dealt with how we in Extension should prepare for and/or respond to emergencies. "Using Simple Educational Methods to Motivate Consumers to Prepare for Emergencies" outlines how one state used Y2K as a teachable moment for consumers.

JOE has published four Commentaries over the last few years on the need for and benefits of an international orientation for Extension. "Uncovering Resources for Your International Extension Experience" describes a Web site with resources for Extension staff who seek international experience.

I wish I could highlight all the articles in the October issue. You'll just have to read it.

Laura Hoelscher, Editor