February 1999 // Volume 37 // Number 1

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Editor's Page


Dear Reader,

Technological change is again propelling your Journal and change.

The Journal is now a web-based information source. We recognize the success and wide-spread impact of the World Wide Web and are "on-board." The Journal can be reached from anywhere on the Internet through a web browser. The web address is http://www.joe.org

JOE-Web has a new design. We have a new server. We have new search capacity. We have integrated navigation aids on every page. All of the existing issues of JOE that were previously on-line (fall 1987 to present) are now available as web documents, including reworked tables and figures from the issues that were print.

In time, we will provide a complete electronic archive on the Journal. We are also working to expand the current Journal from its recent text-orientation to include images and other media.

Each new issue will continue to available via e-mail. If you send e-mail to current@joe.org you will receive as e-mail the most recent issue in its entirety.

We're excited about our changes and our direction. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

In other items of interest to the Extension System, the 1999 Agriculture in the Classroom Conference will be held in Oklahoma City May 19-22. Attendance is expected to be about 300. Registration deadline is May 1. For registration information, go to ATTICA web site at http://www.okstate.edu/OSU_Ag/agedcm4h/four-h/aitchome/natconf.htm or contact the national office via e-mail at djackson@reeusda.gov.

Once again, with this issue, the Journal is pleased to bring articles that you can use from around the nation. Read, enjoy, and learn.

Len Calvert, editor