August 1999 // Volume 37 // Number 4

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Dear Readers,

One of the many concerns that Extension people have had in the past few years is the funding for Extension work. I recommend the commentaries to you if you are among those concerned. First is a report from the Personnel and Organizational Development Committee of ECOP, followed by a cautionary word from the friendly folks in Ohio.

Youth work looms large in this issue, also. How a community organized for safe families is outlined in an article from Florida, while Georgia contributes a piece about preventing skin cancer among farm youth. Florida also tells us about building an asset-based 4-H program, while Oregon talks about increasing 4-H participation among at-risk youth.

Other topics come from agriculture, forestry, and community development, among others.

For your information, manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Extension thus far in 1999 are on a record pace, which means that authors must wait several months for word about their work. The editorial committee is being expanded, but it still takes time to work through all the articles being submitted. Your patience is appreciated.

The Journal of Extension continues to try to bring you information that can help you work smarter or to view your work in a different way. Read on.

Len Calvert, editor