December 1998 // Volume 36 // Number 6

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Dear Reader,

With this issue of the Journal of Extension, it can be said that the "pioneer era" of the electronic journal has come to a close. Beginning with the February 1999 issue, the Journal will be completely Web-based.

But, even more importantly, some of the key people in the transition from hard copy to electronic delivery are also ending their service to the Extension System as members of the Journal's board of directors. Judith Jones of Virginia Tech, has completed her duties as a member of the board and she, and her memory, will be missed greatly.

Dr. Jones made the original motion to move the Journal to an electronically-produced publication. She and her colleagues at Virginia Tech than provided leadership in making the move. The Journal's server was located in Blacksburg, Mike Lambur became editor, and the technology support staff became important players.

For the last few years, Patrick Robinson of Virginia Tech has provided leadership from the technology side. Robinson will no longer be involved after this issue. The folks at Ohio State will now maintain the server and be the technological support people.

As editor, I owe a huge debt to both Judith Jones and Patrick Robinson. Dr. Jones has been tremendously supportive. Robinson has been a patient teacher about how to use the technology. I will miss them both.

Now, it's Ohio State that will be providing leadership into this new phase of the electronic Journal of Extension. Tom Archer, of Shelby County, is the new president of the board of directors. Jim Lemon and his shop on the Columbus campus will be maintaining the server and giving technical support. All are great people with whom to work.

And so, it's a tip of the hat to those who made the change possible and a salute to the new leadership who are poised to the take the Journal into the next century.

In the meantime, I wish all our readers the best of all possible worlds in the 1999.

Len Calvert, editor