October 1997 // Volume 35 // Number 5

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Dear Reader,

A variety of topics in this issue to tempt your curiosity.

Some deal with the new technology that fascinates us while we wonder how to use it. Cornell authors offer some insight. Others ask the question if Extension should move in slightly different directions.

At the same time, other authors are reminding us of some basic Extension principles that most of us know, but sometimes forget (and others may not know), such as diffusion theory and using Delphi to help look into the future. We are also reminded that nothing replaces the human touch in a report about an intergenerational program in Missouri.

As we near the end of 1997, it's time for the Journal to issue its annual call for volunteers to serve as reviewers of your peer reviewed Journal. We will have several openings at the end of the year. If you are interested, contact Tom Archer, Ohio, chair of the editorial committee, archer.3@osu.edu, or the editor, and let your interest be known.

Enjoy the issue and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Len Calvert, editor