June 1997 // Volume 35 // Number 3

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Editor's Page


Dear Reader,

While it's the time for 4-H camps, food preservation workshops, and helping farmers get ready for harvest, I hope you will also take the time to look at the articles in this issue of the Journal of Extension.

How do people feel when they come into your Extension office? Are you doing something that "turns people off?" Find out what some of those things are in the article by Ken Culp.

"Community needs assessment" has been an Extension buzz phrase for several years, but how about community capacity assessment? Ruben Nieto and some of his friends can explain what this is in their article. Health, specifically smoking and young people, is looked at in a timely article from Pennsylvania.

Of course, people are concerned about working with culturally diverse audiences and how individuals and agencies can work together in coalitions. Gain some ideas about these topics this month as well as dealing with health issues from a community development perspective.

About the time many of you are getting this, the Journal's board of directors is meeting to discuss new and exciting things for your Journal. Stay tuned for the developments.

Len Calvert, editor