August 1997 // Volume 35 // Number 4

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Dear Reader,

You're invited to stop by the Journal of Extension's exhibit at the Galaxy Summit in Cincinnati in October. Members of the board of directors, the chair of the editorial committee, and the editor will all be there to answer your questions.

Galaxy is under the sponsorship of JCEP or the Joint Council of Extension Professionals. If you don't know about JCEP, see the article by Ed Maxa in this issue of the Journal. Ed, as chair, wrote the article at our request to give people in the Extension system an idea of how JCEP came to be, its programs, and what the council is looking at for the future.

Other articles in this month's issue of the Journal range from a review of two recent books about Extension to a discussion of parameters for participation in 4-H by young children to maximizing the impact of the agricultural outlook work common to many states, and the importance of humor in the workplace.

Galaxy isn't the only conference looming on the horizon for Extension professionals. The Ohio State, Purdue, and Michigan State Extension services are sponsoring a conference next April to help Extension professionals increase educational effectiveness with Anabaptist communities, which include the Amish (new and old order), Mennonite, German Baptists, and Hutterite, among others.

Sponsors have issued a call for papers and posters, which will be blind reviewed by a panel of Extension peers. Abstracts are due no later than November 21 to Barbara H. James, Extension agent, community development/family and consumer sciences, Ohio State University Extension, P. O. Box 387, Burton, Ohio 44021, telephone 216-834-4656, or e-mail

Additional information about the conference and registration is available from Steve Engleking, Purdue, e-mail, or from Randall James, Ohio State, e-mail james

Len Calvert, editor