April 1997 // Volume 35 // Number 2

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Dear Reader,

You don't have to go to Nevada or New Jersey anymore to place a bet or play Keno. In many states, legalized games of chance are as close as the neighborhood store.

Legalized gaming, or gambling, is a phenomenon of the 90s and many states and communities have introduced the games as a form of economic development. But, are they considering all aspects of such moves? Does Extension have a role to play? That's the intriguing question raised in one of this issue's feature articles.

On the other end of the spectrum, farm visits are as old as Extension, but to many they appear to be an endangered species. Do farm values have economic value? Find out what some Vermont dairy farmers say in a Research in Brief report in this issue.

Turning to the Journal of Extension, your board of directors is planning for the future. If all goes well, beginning in January 1998, your Journal will be able to print graphics for the first time. However, this may mean more work for authors. Watch for more details in the near future as the Journal moves from a "text only" format.

If your county 4-H Leaders Association or other Extension groups are faced with raising money for Extension programs, you may want to participate in a satellite conference about "Fundraising for Nonprofits" on May 29. The program is sponsored by the National Center for Nonprofit Boards. Accompanying the broadcast will be a workbook, a facilitator's guide, technician guide and other materials. Of course, there is a fee. For more details, e-mail Ann Quarzo at aquarzo@erols.com.

In the meantime, why not start working on your article for the Journal? Remember, you have several options from opinion to research report to ideas for program to book reviews.

Len Calvert, editor