June 1996 // Volume 34 // Number 3

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the June, 1996 issue of the Journal of Extension. I'm excited about this issue. I think it contains many articles of interest to Extension staff members.

If you've wondered about how to evaluate educational video tapes, perhaps the article from Colorado will help. Nearly every state is struggling with how to work with Spanish-speaking audiences. Florida's experience in designing a food safety program for youth should be of interest.

In the Commentary section, we are pleased to have a Letter to the Editor regarding a previous article about "New National Program Information System for Cooperative Extension: Lessons from Experience." This is one of the first Letters to the Editor received by the Journal and we hope we will see more in the future. Your Journal of Extension should be a place to exchange ideas as well as information.

Of course, try as everyone does, an occasional mistake occurs. In the February issue, the name of a co-author of the article "No- Till Yield Contest Demonstrates Environmental Stewardship" was accidentally omitted. Peter R. Thomson, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University, should have been listed as a co-author.

Read, learn, and enjoy!

Len Calvert, editor