August 1996 // Volume 34 // Number 4

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Editor's Page


Dear Reader-

Once again, I believe you are receiving a Journal full of useful information and exciting ideas. Many of the articles reflect the change in Extension and the audience with whom we work.

A frequent lament among Extension workers is the cry "no one knows about Extension!" But is this really true? See the article "Public Perception of Extension" for some interesting figures and comments. Some of it may surprise you.

For many Extension professionals struggling to find their place in a university rewards system that tends to favor research, the commentary by a Washington State University official may give them food-for-thought.

The editor has long believed that the European countries formerly under the domination of the old Soviet Union could use Extension. A Cornell faculty member has written how educational materials first used in New York were adapted and used in Slovakia. Her article may inspire others.

A reminder to authors and would-be authors. The editorial office of the Journal of Extension will be closed from Sept. 12 through Sept. 30. Part of that time, the editor will be in Rhode Island for the 1996 Extension Family and Consumer Science Association meeting.

Leonard J. Calvert, Editor
Journal of Extension