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Water Activities for Kids

Water Activities for Kids is a reproducible series of fact sheets and games on individual and household water consumption and water quality for children ages seven to 12. The series has games and exploratory activities which children can perform alone or with adult guidance. Data sources include the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the American Water Works Association. These materials are designed for youths in elementary schools, 4-H clubs, camps, and school age child care programs.

Karen K. Filchak
Extension Educator
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Mary Ellen Welch
Extension Educator
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University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System

Water Activities for Kids is a packet of fact sheets designed to provide information on personal and global water consumption in an activity-based format. The single-page activity sheets are designed to be used in a variety of forms by youths ages seven to 12.

Among the titles are: "How Much Water Do You Use?"; "Guess What Uses the Most Water?"; "Water Detective for Home Water Conservation;" and "Are You Water Wise?" The format includes an activity to keep track of and calculate how much water is used in a day; matching the amount of water used with the household item consuming that amount of water; rating yourself on water-saving activities; and evaluating knowledge of water in the home and the external environment.

The materials were developed for use during National Drinking Water Week at an educational exposition held at the Connecticut state capitol in Hartford. These activity sheets were distributed and used interactively with over 500 elementary school students from eight school systems celebrating National Drinking Water Week.

Teachers were provided a master set of the activity sheets for use with their students in the classroom. A follow-up evaluation with these teachers is planned. It also presented an opportunity to inform teachers about new resources available for children from the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension.

In addition, these materials were used with the 4-H Summer Environmental Education Program for children ages seven to 12 attending day camps. These activity sheets are suitable for use in 4-H and other summer camps where there is an environmental focus.

Camera ready copies are available from Ms. Karen K. Filchak, University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System, 139 Wolf Den Road, Brooklyn, CT 06234 for $5.00. Make check payable to WCEC.