August 1994 // Volume 32 // Number 2

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Welcome to the second issue of the Journal of Extension in its new electronic format. Our first issue, published in June, took a tremendous amount of effort and coordination, but went off "without a hitch" thanks to our very competent editorial and technical staff. We do hope you are becoming more proficient and comfortable with receiving the Journal electronically. If you have comments, suggestions, or thoughts you would like to share about the electronic Journal, please send them via the Internet to You can also subscribe to joe- comments. Check with your state technical representative for more details and information.

The number of manuscripts submitted since moving to our new electronic format has remained about the same compared to the previous hard copy format. We are encouraged by this and take it as one measure of the importance of the Journal as a means for expanding and updating the research and knowledge base for Extension professionals and other adult educators to improve their effectiveness. The quality of the manuscripts continues to remain high, as evidenced by the 16 fine articles in this issue.

In our efforts to publish the first electronic issue, we have gotten behind in processing manuscripts. We are catching up, and do pledge to keep our promise of decreasing the turnaround time of manuscript submission to publication to six months or less. Please be patient and bear with us.

Finally, we do want to emphasize and encourage submissions to our new Commentary section. In this section, we would like readers to state an opinion, offer a challenge, or present a thought-provoking idea on an issue of concern to Extension.