Winter 1992 // Volume 30 // Number 4 // Commentary // 4LET2

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Borich (Summer 1990) said there will always be change or evolution of Extension priorities. If Extension is to continue to be on the cutting edge, our organization must have the wisdom and foresight to be one step ahead of the rest of the world, especially on environmental issues. The importance of the environment has been recognized internationally with 1990 being Earth Year, and the 1990s being the "Decade of the Environment."

As a proactive organization, we see an increase in environmental initiatives such as Water Quality, Sustainable Agriculture, Waste Management, and the new candidate mentioned: Global Climate Change. Many of the other Extension initiatives are also connected with environmental issues. Our focus in Extension must increasingly be toward environmental education. But while political and economic actions have often been myopic, Extension environmental education efforts will need to be long- range, built on a firm foundation.

The effort begins with each individual's personal environment. We can work cooperatively for a better earth and a higher quality of life for our children. Extension has a crucial role to play in this process.

Ted May
4-H/Youth Development Agent
Trempealeau County
Whitehall, Wisconsin