Winter 1990 // Volume 28 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

To The Point

Extension Is Not Just Service
Emmalou Van Tilburg Norland

Rewarding Service
Robert L. Crom

The Truth Is...Extension Has Multiple Truths
Maria Maiorana Russell

Feature Articles

Who Really Influences Extension Direction?
Mike Adelaine and Rick Foster

Stresses of Multicounty Agent Positions
Henry M. Bartholomew and Keith L. Smith

Agent Specialization and the 4-H PRK Model
Gregory K. Hutchins

Computer Anxiety Among Extension Agents
Myra N. Smith and Joe W. Kotrlik

Rewarding Extension Faculty
J. Douglas McAlister

How Newspapers Reported Extension's 75th Anniversary
Patricia Calvert, Mildred A. Konan, and Judith A. Bowers

Women and Extension
Editor's Introduction: Gender equity is an issue within Extension and an issue in determining the clientele we serve. This section presents three articles that examine Extension's role in supporting and empowering women. The first article examines historical and current trends in appointing women to Extension management positions state by state. The second examines an Extension program aimed at women in agribusiness. The third takes a global view of opportunities for Extension to empower women both within Extension and as a special client target group in developing countries.

Women in Extension Management
Lois A. Goering

Targeting Women in Agribusiness1
Suzanna Smith, M. E. Swisher, and Constance Shehan

Empowering Women Through Agricultural Extension: A Global Perspective
William M. Rivera and Susan L. Corning


The Future of the 1890's
L. R. Hughes


Global Environmental Change: Extension Frontier for the 1990s
Bruce Justin Miller

Research in Brief

Changing Practices: A Caution
Carolyn A. Raab

Chemical Dealers and Pesticide Safety
Lois C. Shern, Ann C. Slocum, and Larry G. Olsen

Ideas at Work

Waste Management: New Directions for Home Economics
Marie S. Hammer

RENEW: Building Remarried Family Strengths
Stephen F. Duncan

Tools of the Trade

An Easy Search...
Sorrel Brown

Use Creative Platforms for Better Marketing Communications
V. Glenn Chappell