Spring 1990 // Volume 28 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

To The Point

Youth at Risk: Extension's Hard Decisions
Richard J. Sauer

Youth Are at Risk, and So Are We...
Leah Cox Hoopfer

Youth at Risk-Time for Action
Sharon K. Junge

Feature Articles

Radio: Untapped Teaching Tool
Eunice Romero-Gwynn and Mary K. Marshall

Bridging Gaps Between Them and Us
James I. Grieshop, Pamela S. Bone, and Gordon W. Frankie

Issues-Oriented Public Policy Education
Alan J. Hahn

What Influences Farmers' Computer Use?
R. Keith Iddings and Jerold W. Apps

Influencing Practices Through Videotape
Daniel J. Decker, and William G. Merrill

Letters to U.S. Leaders
M. F. Smith, George Barbosa, and George Mayeske


The Future Leaders in Extension
Keith L. Smith

Extension Management in the Information Age
James A. Buford, Jr.


Information Technology: Extension's Future
Kirk A. Astroth

Research in Brief

Prevention Program Impacts
Robert J. Fetsch

Are Extension Publications Readable?
Earl Johnson and Satish Verma

Who Participates in Teleconferences?
Huey B. Long and Dawn Zoller

Extension Clientele Satisfaction
Karen Rodman Lavis and Donald J. Blackburn

Ideas at Work

Responding to Crisis
Steve Stark

Town and Country Dialogue
Fred Lundin and Birdine Tullis

Homeless Families: Extension's Role
Daniel J. Weigel and Patricia A. Myer

Collaborative Teaching Through Electronic Programming
William D. Evers

Tools of the Trade

The Cooperative Extension Game
Lynnette Brubaker and Arlen Etling

The MESS Experience in Staff Development
Gail Gunderson and Mary Ann Smith

Writing To Teach
Peggy Risdon

Letters to the Editor

Let the People Speak