Fall 1990 // Volume 28 // Number 3 // Feature Articles // 3FEA1

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Reaching People with People


Keith G. Diem
County 4-H Agent and Department Head
Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Somerset County, New Jersey

Reaching People with People. A Guide to Marketing 4-H with Volunteers. Linda Kustka. Madison: University of Wisconsin- Extension, 1989. 339 pp. $20 (looseleaf).

Reaching people with the practical education they need is a complex problem faced by all Extension professionals. A new resource notebook entitled, Reaching People with People (RPWP) provides eclectic approaches for recruiting and involving clientele.

Extension marketing is essentially a modification of the program development process. It identifies needs, responds with programs, and evaluates the success of efforts and outcomes. RPWP is grounded in the philosophy that volunteers can and should perform important roles in marketing 4-H and Extension.

RPWP is intended for self-study. It's bound in a looseleaf notebook to which the author encourages the user "to add information and strategies." It's a fine idea file for marketing Extension programs and a great reference.

Beyond the "Introduction" section, the notebook is divided into 10 chapters: "Marketing," "Involving People," "Needs Assessment," "Developing the Plan," "Strategies," "Barrier Removal," "Recruitment," "Retention," "Staff Development," and "Evaluation." Each chapter is separated into subheadings, starting with a section called "Big Ideas in This Chapter," and ending with a "Self-Quiz." One of the most helpful features is each chapter's appendix, which contains ideas, examples, and practical tools pertaining to the chapter's subject. The notebook is grounded equally in research and practice, with many of the ideas experience-tested by seasoned and successful Extension personnel throughout the country.

Overall, this notebook is a resource any Extension professional will find useful. Although it's based in 4-H, the principal ideas are applicable to all areas of Extension, making it an excellent reference or text for the orientation of Extension professionals in program planning and marketing or for a college course. The practical tools contained in the notebook are well worth the small investment involved.