Winter 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 4 // Commentary // 4LET2

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Excellent Idea - The Partyline!


We enjoyed the partyline on Family Times materials (conference call with the authors on July 15, 1988). I will discuss it with our state specialist tomorrow and I have already discussed this with a rural county agent in charge for possibly using it in his county. He was very interested.

We found it useful to have a copy of the handbook before the call to help us understand it better. You may want to suggest that people order materials before the call.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about this program.

Glenna Kindberg
Area Extension Specialist-Human Development
University of Nevada-Reno
Las Vegas, Nevada

Great Partyline

I think the partyline call was great. It was good to hear what the authors had to say about Family Times. It was also interesting to hear the questions from other Extension staff in the United States.

I would be interested in hearing about similar set-ups with other authors. Thanks for the opportunity.

Ann Mandziuk
Home Economist
Manitoba, Canada