Winter 1988 // Volume 26 // Number 4

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Editor's Page


State of the Journal

It seems as though we're always hearing someone discuss the "state" of something. Somehow, that's also appropriate for my last issue of the Journal.

The past three years have been most exciting. It was always a challenge to select manuscripts and compile an issue I felt would be of interest to the readers. Too often I didn't receive any feedback to know if an issue was truly valuable. I'd encourage you to write the editor with positive and negative comments. That would help the editor prepare future issues that would more nearly meet your needs.

It seems appropriate that I first extend my thanks to those of you who contributed manuscripts - for your patience, good humor, and sharing your ideas. The Journal of Extension wouldn't exist without you. Even though your manuscript may not have been selected, I hope you'll consider writing again.

It's also appropriate to thank those of you who took the time to read the Journal and those who passed along ideas to co-workers. I've especially appreciated the people who have written to me with suggestions and ideas for improving the Journal and those who had positive remarks.

We've tried some new ideas during the past three years:

  1. The Research in Brief sections were changed.
  2. We had the first opportunity for readers to talk with the authors on the Journal Partyline.
  3. Job descriptions were developed for all those who help prepare the Journal.
  4. We're in the process of developing a mentoring system for prospective authors.
  5. We added the Futures section.
  6. A teaching packet was developed on writing for the Journal.

I also would like to share some numbers with you. I think it's important for you to be aware of the number of articles we reviewed and the status of those articles.

We've reviewed a total of 440 manuscripts during the past three years. Most of these were sent to three members of the Editorial Committee for review. Of those manuscripts, 25 are in the accepted pool, 33 are being revised, 37 are being reviewed, 235 were rejected, and 110 have been published.

Manuscripts submitted represented 49 states, plus other places from outside the United States. The Journal is most fortunate to have Editorial Committee members who are willing to serve as reviewers and to take the care required to provide authors with reactions and comments.

Following is an accounting of the 110 published manuscripts by sections: 67 feature articles, 33 Idea Corner articles, and 10 Forum articles. In addition, we published 15 manuscripts received before July 1, 1985. Also, we've published 22 Research in Brief articles, 25 Tools of the Trade articles, nine Futures articles, and three To the Point articles.

Some of the sections of the Journal, for example the Forum, still don't have enough submissions. Please be thinking of ideas for all sections and send them to Michael Patton, the new editor.

As a reader of the Journal, encourage your co-workers to write about what's happening in their programs. Manuscripts submitted in the last three years represent 240 state staff, 100 county staff, and 100 other.

I'm also happy to announce the newest addition to the Journal - To the Point. I hope you'll find it interesting and be willing to give feedback on the items included by writing articles for the new section. We're quite fortunate to have Roy Rauschkolb, Patrick Borich, and Doris Smith, as the first authors.

I've enjoyed the past three years. My best to the new editor and the Journal for a successful future.