Summer 1987 // Volume 25 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Young People Want It All!
Walker, Joyce A.

A Unique Marriage
Anderson, Lenda Jo; Warfield, Carol L.; Barry, Mary E.

Putting Philosophy Into Practice
White, Barbara A.; Brockett, Ralph G.

What's Our Image?
White, Barbara A.; Brockett, Ralph G.

Who Nurtures the Nurturer?
Harmelink, Ruth I.

Who's in Charge Now?
O'Neill, Barbara M.; Thomasino, Sherman L.; Barbour, Bruce M.


Labeling the Future
Patton, Michael Quinn


Moving Toward a Global Perspective
Wiggins, Emily S.

Research in Brief

Marketing Extension
Raymond, Mary

Ideas at Work

Don't Overlook Libraries
Holmes, Francis W.

High Consumer Confidence
Hillers, Virginia N.; Fox, Mary J.

Tools of the Trade

Power and Influence
Thomson, Joan S.

Conducting Surveys
Florell, Robert J.