Fall 1987 // Volume 25 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Feature Articles

Toward Peak Performance
Darla Botkin, Patty Rai Smith, and Sam Quick

Recess Is Over
Kirk A. Astroth and Benny S. Robbins

Carving a Niche
Robert M. Ritchie and Michael H. Stitsworth

A Profile of Excellence
Lorilee R. Sandmann and Patricia M. Copa

Between the Worlds of Work and Home
Joan S. Thomson, Nancy-Ellen Kiernan, Tena L. St. Pierre, and Robert B. Lewis

From Farmhouses to Townhouses
Elaine Fogerty Barbour

Reaching Out to Third World Women
Patrick Livingston and Barbara A. Holt

Creating Educational Excellence
Janice R. Stewart and LuAnn Soliah

Tailoring Programs to Needs
Susan B. Hester and Julie E. McDowell


Tomorrow's Extension Professionals
Michael Quinn Patton


Making Music in Discordant Times
Ellen M. Ritter

Advisory Councils - Real Friends
Julia A. Gamon

Research in Brief

Putting Relationships To Work
William G. Boldt

Preventing Adolescent Drug Abuse
Patricia Tanner Nelson

Ideas at Work

Catch the Spirit
Virginia Powell Diem

Extension Makes the News
Barbara O'Neill

Keys for Kids
E. Linda Ferris, Deborah A. Jones, and Jo M. Jones

Making Your New Program Successful
Hans E. Nel

Tools of the Trade

Working with Our Publics
Edgar J. Boone