Winter 1986 // Volume 24 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

Taking Your Dog for a Walk

Feature Articles

Your New Life
Barbara W. Davis and Marilyn M. Furry
A program to ease the transition into becoming single.

Is There a Better Way
D. James Brademas
Using the assessment center method for staff selection.

Energy Partners: A Model Program
Charles J. Delaney and Julia C. Graddy
Sucessful employee training in the hospitality industry.

Are Your Farmers Confused About Marketing
Chris Hurt, Vince Harrell, and Darden Kirby
Here's why and what to do.

Public Issues: Danger or Opportunity
Gerald F. Vaughn
Extension's role in public policy education.


To Educate a People
Michael Quinn Patton


Should Business Be the "Business" of Extension
Thomas A. Henderson

Research in Brief

Teen Employment
Patricia Tanner Nelson and Stephen F. Hamilton

Single-Parent Families
Patricia Tanner Nelson

Ideas at Work

Using Volunteers
Sue Andrews and Jeanne M. Hogarth

Surveys Help Program Development
Frank R. Lichtkoppler

Helping Disabled Farmers
Pauline Odegard-Johnson

Tools of the Trade

Re-Inventing the Corporation
David R. Sanderson

Lifelong Learning
Linda G. Leffel

Strategies for Taking Charge
C. Stephen Scheneman