Fall 1985 // Volume 23 // Number 3

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page

Special Section

Feature Articles

For Love or Money?
Richard A. Byrne and Faye Caskey
What motivates volunteers?

The Dynamic Tension: Professionals and Volunteers
Alan Snider
The balance of sharing leadership.

The Livestock Masters Program: It Works
James S. Long and Michael R. Hackett
A proven idea in a different setting.

The Challenge of Retaining 4-H Members
Kirk A. Astroth
Using the new family coordinator to improve the 4-H program.

Ideas at Work

A Richmond Experiment
Jeanne Diana, Jacqueline Lawrence, and Noel Draine

Using the Advisory Committee Effectively
Sally K. Ebling

Feature Articles

Creativity - Extension's Future
Peter Warnock
Being more creative with only a little aspiration and almost no perspiration.

Mentoring: Is It for Extension?
Keith L. Smith and William E. Beckley
It's more than the buddy system.

Lifelong Learning for the Older Adult
Kristine L. Blacklock
The preferred topics and sources of information.

Why Do Extension Agents Resign?
Linda Nunes Manton and J.C. van Es
The differences between those who leave and those who stay.

It's Not All Peaceful in the Country
Roger T. Williams
Communication skills to deal with farm stress.


One Minute: Not Enough
Joan S. Thomson