September 1983 // Volume 21 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

What Value, Program Evaluation? (pdf)

Feature Articles

Evaluation: An Essential Process (pdf)
Mary Andrews
Evaluations should address program development, organizational management, and public relations issues for Extension. Basing decisions on objective information will make Extension more accountable and responsive.

Similarities of Extension and Evaluation (pdf)
Michael Quinn Patton
Patton explores the commonality between effective Extension education and effective evaluations, illustrating the similar principles and processes both involve.

Evaluation for Accountability (pdf)
Connie McKenna
McKenna identifies sources influencing Extension and how evaluation provides the documentation to account for what was supposed to be done.

Looking Beyond Extension Stereotypes (pdf)
Paul D. Warner and James A. Christenson
Throught a national survey, Extension's image, clientele, performance, and support were examined. Often mentioned perceptions of Extension weren't supported, indicating who is asked to evaluate is just as imporatant as what is being evaluated.

Evaluating Practice Adoption: One Approach (pdf)
Ronald H. Smith, John L. Boutwell, and James W. Allen
Extension information is availalbe to all; identifying control groups of nonusers is often neither practical nor appropriate. This article shares one approach designed to measure the adoption of recommended practices.

Does the Question Influence the Answer? (pdf)
John M. Cavendish
In developing questions, a relationship between the response requested and the change we're measuring should exist.

Handling Nonresponse Issues (pdf)
Larry E. Miller and Keith L. Smith
Strategies for handling those who don't respond to mail questionnaires are discussed so that evaluation results are generalizable and valid.

Negative Results? They May Not Be! (pdf)
Bruce T. Wilkins and Bruce DeYoung
Providing information for decision making appropriate to one's own situation means nonadoption--negative--results are legitimate.

Impact Evaluation: A Challenge for Extension (pdf)
M.F. Smith and A.A. Straughn
After defining "impact evaluation" from the perspective of evaluation experts, the authors discuss problems such a definition imposes on Extension and point out areas to focus on to provide respected answers to questions being asked.

Idea Corner

Why Reinvent the Wheel? (pdf)
Thomas Tate

Focused Group Interview (pdf)
James S. Long, Julia Ann Marts

Oklahoma County Program Reviews (pdf)
Peggy S. Meszaros


Meeting the Accountability Challenge (pdf)
Barbara Taylor, William Summerhill, Clifton Taylor

Some Benefits of Internal Evaluation (pdf)
Paul Lasley, Steve Padgitt

Why Resist Evaluation (pdf)
Mark Hall

Tools of the Trade

Extension in the 80's (pdf)
Michael Brazzel
Extension in the '80's: A Perspective for the Future of the Cooperative Extension Service. USDA/NASULGC Joint Committee. Madison: University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension Service, 1983. No cost. Limit of one copy per order from Extension Service, USDA, Publication Request and Distribution, Washington, D.C. 20250.

Evaluation In Extension (pdf)
Charles D. Clark
Program Evaluation in Extension: A Comprehensive Study of Methods, Practices and Procedures. James C. Summers and others. Morgantown: West Virginia University, Cooperative Extension Service, 1981. Contact Robert Miller, West Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, for copies.

Issues and Problems (pdf)
John G. Gross
Current IssueslProblems in Evaluating Cooperative Extension Programs. M. F. Smith, ed. Gainesville: University of Florida, Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, 1981. 130 pp. Contact editor for single copies.

Standards and Guidelines (pdf)
James Sanders
Standards for Evaluations of Educational Programs, Projects, and Materials. The Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1981. 148 pp. $8.95.

Process of Program Evaluation (pdf)
Sara Steele
The Process of Program Evaluation. John Van Maanen. Los Angeles, California: The Grantsmanship Center, 1979.49 pp. $2.45. Available from the Grantsmanship Center, 1031 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Systematic Approach (pdf)
Joan Wright
Evaluation: A Systematic Approach. 2nd ed. Peter H. Rossi and Howard E Freeman. Beverly Hills, California: Sage Publications, 1982. 351 pp. $20.

Qualitative Methods (pdf)
Kenneth E. Pigg
Qualitative Evaluation Methods. Michael Quinn Patton. Beverly Hills, California: Sage Publications, 1980. 379 pp. $22-50.

Planning Evaluations (pdf)
Sue Kruse
Workbook for Conducting Program Evaluation by County and State Extension Staff. Barbara Froke. North Central Regional Extension Publication #114. Brookings: South Dakota State University, 1980. 26 pp. 75o for single copies, 50c each for multiple copies. Available from: South Dakota State University, Extension Publications, University Station, Brookings, South Dakota 57007.

Analyzing Goals (pdf)
Charles D. Clark
Goal Analysis. Robert F. Mager. Belmont, California: Fearson Publishers, Inc., 1972. 144 pp. $6.95 (paper). Preparing Instructional Objectives. 2nd ed. Robert F. Mager. Belmont, California: Fearson Publishers, Inc., 1975. 144 pp. $6.95 (paper).

Conducting Surveys (pdf)
William R. Summerhill
Mail and Telephone Surveys: The Total Design Method. Don A. Dillman. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1978. 325 pp. $34.95.

Utilizing Results (pdf)
Paul D. Warner
Utilization-Focused Evaluation. Michael Q. Patton. Beverly Hills, California: Sage Publications, 1978. 304 pp. $12.50 (paper).

Communicating Externally (pdf)
Emory J. Brown
Evaluation in Cooperative Extension Programs. Proceedings from Minisession at Evaluation Network Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland. M. F. Smith, compiler. Gainesville: University of Florida, Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, 1982. 162 pp. Contact compiler for single copies.