November 1983 // Volume 21 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

Your Journal and Mine (pdf)

Feature Articles

Support Networks for Professional Development (pdf)
Patty Rai Smith and Marjorie M. Stewart
Developing informal mutual support systems can further both one's personal and professional goals. Smith and Stewart discuss how one develops effective contacts to support career goals.

Criteria To Assess Program Choices (pdf)
M. F. Smith, Barbara Taylor, and John T. Woeste
Using the proposed criteria grid allows us to develop a defensible rationale for program choices and their prioritization.

An Economic Model for Extension Evaluation (pdf)
J. E. Easley, Jr.
Development-and evaluation-of human capital through Extension education is often overlooked. Considering program development from this perspective may lead to identifying useful evaluation indicators.

Managing with Less (pdf)
David M. Jenkins
Jenkins shares practical suggestions he has used effectively to achieve program goals with limited resources.

Idea Corner

Using a "Wheel of Fortune" (pdf)
H. Joyce Morgan-Coures