September 1981 // Volume 19 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

Welcome, Joan! (pdf)

Feature Articles

Making Evaluation Manageable (pdf)
Constance McKenna
Because she feels the Provus Discrepancy Evaluation Model is useful, McKenna translates it into "Extensionese."

Needs and Priorities: The Specialist's Role (pdf)
Harry B. Burcalow, Harlan G. Copeland, and Susanne G. Fisher
Insights into the state Extension specialist's role were gained as a professional improvement program was conducted with them.

What Determines Citizen Involvement? (pdf)
Ronald M. Jimmerson
Factors that influence the type and extent of citizen involvement in Extension programming.

Selecting Extension Teaching Methods (pdf)
Jacquelyn M. Cole
A new look at the selection of Extension teaching methods.

Idea Corner

Meeting Needs of the Disabled (pdf)
Ann M. Lastovica and Rebecca M. Mullis

Luring New Audiences by Research (pdf)
Robert H. Flashman, Mary Ann Paynter and Gwendolyn Jett Brewer

Integreting Extension, research and Instruction (pdf)
Marjorie S. Stewart and Doris A. Tichenor