March 1981 // Volume 19 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Some Specific Guides to Better Writing (pdf)

Feature Articles

Motherhood, Apple Pie, State Legislators, and Extension (pdf)
Ralph J. Adkins
More evidence that Extension workers need to improve communications with state legislators.

Farmers' Markets: An Idea Whose Time Has Come.....Again (pdf)
Nancy M. Chase and J. Hugh Winn
How Extension can help dust off and polish up an old idea.

Programming with Rural Preschool Handicapped Children (pdf)
Phyllis A. Pirner
How Extension can heip rural preschool handicapped children.

Who Is Extension Serving? (pdf)
PaulD. Warner and James A. Christenson
This Kentucky study can be a model for states, and for counties.

Idea Corner

Your Newspaper Column (pdf)
Tom Sanford

Stand Up For Quality Clothing (pdf)
Beatrice Kalka

Women in Business (pdf)
Marilyn E. Rothstein


Aristotle's View of the Andragogy/Pedagogy Issue (pdf)
Russell Mattimore-Knudson