January 1981 // Volume 19 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

We Need More Subscribers (pdf)

Feature Articles

Families, Chopsticks, and Clovers (pdf)
Charles L, Lang and Grace M. Lang
Over half the states in the U.S. participate in a Japanese-American exchange program--LABO/4-H. The Langs describe it and a Kansas survey of host family attitudes.

Programming for Employed Homemakers (pdf)
Mary K. Sweeten and Howard Ladewig
The procedures used in this survey can be a model for other programs, other audiences, other states-and on a county level.

Limited-Income Farmers: Some New Knowledge (pdf)
Angus S. N. Chidebelu, E. Evan Brown, and H. Max Miller
Contrary to earlier research, this Georgia study found that limited-income farmers were younger, better educated, and make more use of Extension.

Motivating the Adult 4-H Volunteer (pdf)
Karla A. Henderson
Management of the 4-H volunteer program is enhanced when actions are consistent with what's known about the behavior of motivated adults.

Tools of the Trade

Speechmaking...More Than Words Alone (pdf)
William G. Schneeflock and Doris Smith

Children and Television (pdf)
William G. Schneeflock and Doris Smith

Management In Extension (pdf)
William G. Schneeflock and Doris Smith

Making Meetings Work (pdf)
William G. Schneeflock and Doris Smith