March 1980 // Volume 18 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Improve Your Writing: Some Helpful Hints (pdf)

Feature Articles

Does Paid Promotion Pay? (pdf)
Chris Scherer
Paid display advertising in major metropolitan newspapers effectively promoted a beginning level income tax workshop.

Marketing Health Care Information (pdf)
Barbara Moyer
How marketing principles were applied to the task of presenting health care information.

Improving Nutrition Publications (pdf)
L. Janette Taper and Paula A. Ciavarella
The authors suggest that what they learned in evaluating nutrition publications can be applied to the development of other publications.

Lobbying: Let the Buyer Beware (pdf)
John S. Robey
"Let the buyer beware" is Robey's advice to groups contemplating hiring a lobbyist.

Research in Brief

Budget Politics (pdf)
Laverne Forest

Social Network (pdf)
Laverne Forest


On Evaluating Journal Articles (pdf)
George Blume

The Nondialogue Between Extension and the Church (pdf)
David Youmans

Tools of the Trade

Bureaucracy (pdf)
Doris Smith

Strategic Policy Planning (pdf)
Doris Smith