January 1980 // Volume 18 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

One Teacher's Influence (pdf)

Feature Articles

Extension and the Energy Crisis: Players or Spectators? (pdf)
Stephen M. Born
Extension is uniquely equipped to play a significant role in helping to resolve the energy crisis.

The Extension Agent's Job: Critical Behaviors (pdf)
Leonard A. Hampton
The critical incident technique was used to identify and classify both effective and ineffective behaviors critical to an Extension agent's job performance.

A Newsletter for New Parents (pdf)
Lynda C Harriman
More evidence that the newsletter is an effective Extension teaching tool.

The 4-H Agent's Job: Another Look (pdf)
Donald H. Goering
A look at how 4-H volunteers and Extension professionals in Iowa view the role of the 4-H agent.

Idea Corner

Kansas Family Forum (pdf)
Gail Imig & Ruth Hoeflin

4-H Amp Camp (pdf)
R. A. Spray

Tools of the Trade

Bureaucracy (pdf)
Doris Smith

Strategic Policy Planning (pdf)
Doris Smith