September 1979 // Volume 17 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

Passing the Baton (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

Your Extension Image Is Important (pdf)
Daniel J. Decker
Image-building for an Extension agent is a personal public relations program.

Are 4-H Project Books Readable? (pdf)
Jerry H. Reyburn
Author suggests a way 4-H can do a better job of designing 4-H publications for its target audience.

Energy Interests--Rural and Urban Differences (pdf)
Judy McKenna and Jan Nixon
A look at the differences in rural and urban residents' energy attitudes.

Agricultural Extension: Who Uses It? (pdf)
Michael Nolan and Paul Lasley
Some critics say Extension directs its programs at large, successful farmers. This article raises the question of how much Extension is helping the small farmer.

Idea Corner

"Community" 4-H Club (pdf)
Wendy McKee

Ridge Runners (pdf)
Sarah Monroe

Tools of the Trade

Working with Children (pdf)
Jeanne Brown
Working with Children. New York, New York: Parents' Magazine, Inc., 1978. Four sets of slides with cassettes or records. Total price: $230. Price oil each set: $65.

The Three Boxes of Life (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden
The Three Boxes of Life and How to Get Out of Them: An Introduction to LifelWork Planning. Richard N. Bolles. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press, 1978. 466 pp. $7.95 (paper).

Nonverbal Communication (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
Nonverbal Communication (F-127). Santa Monica, California: Salenger Educational Media. Film (color), 17 minutes. $110 for 1 OLday rental. $395 purchase.

Human Relations Training (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
A Handbook of Structured Experiences Tor Human Relations Training, Volume V11. J. William Pfeiffer and John E. Jones, eds, La Jolla, California: University Associates, 1979. 152 pp. $6. 00 (paper).

Over-Management (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
Over-Management OR How an Exciting Idea Can Become a Dull Project. Santa Monica, California: Salenger Educational Media. Film (color, 16 mmJ. $30 for 5-day preview. $70 for 10-day rental. $285 purchase.

Managing Conflict (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
Managing Conflict: How to Make Conflict Work for You (F- 128). Santa Monica, California: Salenger Educational Media. Film (color), 15 minutes. $ 100 for 10-day rental. $395 purchase.

Dealing with People (pdf)
Maxine Ferris
Dealing with People: A Guide to Effective Customer Service. Santa Monica, California: Salenger Educational Media. Film (color), 12 minutes. $30 for 5-day preview. $395 purchase.