November 1979 // Volume 17 // Number 6

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Editor's Page

The Journal Is Ours (pdf)

Feature Articles

Tapping My Personal Energy (pdf)
Myma A. Kappler
We can increase our personal energy by valuing our ideas and judgments, by limiting our choices, and by being sensitive to our own bodily needs.

Are Extension Agents Parent Educators? (pdf)
Jennifer Birckmayer
Extension workers may be doing more parent education than they realize-and their competence as parent educators may be greater than they think.

4-H Self-Concept Building in Century III (pdf)
Victoria R. Fu and Kathleen W. Wampler
How youth perceive their sex-role, whether consciously or unconsciously, is important in their self-concept development.

A Self-Reporting Evaluation Tool (pdf)
Sam Quick and Karen Oavis
This self-reporting, two-phase evaluation tool, if used consistent/y across Programs and time, can yield better evaluation output witIT less evaluation input.

Research in Brief

"Parent Growth Group (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Idea Corner

Talking About a "Taboo" Subject (pdf)
Diane Leasure

Energy Conservation: A Success Story (pdf)
Vencile Ford


In Pursuit of Objectivity (pdf)
C. Wendell Horne