January 1979 // Volume 17 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Hallelujah -- A Revival (pdf)
George Blume

Feature Articles

Handling Personal Criticism (pdf)
James A. Sparks
Why Extension workers overreact to criticism and what they can do about it.

Consumer Education for Today's Youth (pdf)
Sharon Y. Nickols and Claire L. Powell
Seven suggestions for improving the consumer education thrust of 4-H.

Comic Books: An Effective Teaching Tool (pdf)
Curtis Trent and Rachel Kinlaw
A study showing the use of comic books as an effective educational tool.

Research in Brief

Health Services (pdf)
Del Dyer

Work Value Implications (pdf)
Thomas Eaves

Special Clothing Needs (pdf)
Phyllis E. Worden

Extension's Value (pdf)
Laverne Forest

Idea Corner

Exercise: Appropriate and Professional (pdf)
Jerry H. Reyburn

A Special Day Camp (pdf)
Eloise O. Turk

Estate Planning Is for Everyone (pdf)
Helen M. Stevens, Steve Allen, Charles L. Moore and Wilmer Browning

Forstry Field Days (pdf)
Stephen E. Wickham and Harvey A. Holt


Changes in the American Family and Beyond (pdf)
Moncrieff Cochran, Jane Lovitt