March 1977 // Volume 15 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

The Right To Be Unique (pdf)
Jerry Parsons

Feature Articles

Community Leaders Assess Quality of Life (pdf)
Dennis A. Evans, Virginia P. Steelman
Louisiana leaders were asked what they thought about their communitues' quality of life.

Farmers' Attitudes Toward Extension (pdf)
John G. Gross
A way to find out how farmers feel toward Extension.

Developing Environmental Programs (pdf)
David R. Miller
Guidelines for a comprehensive environmental education program.

Idea Corner

Turning Children on to Good Nutrition (pdf)
Beverly B. Chethik

Poultry Sanitation Workshop (pdf)
George A. Schuler

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade (pdf)
Marjory Mortvedt
The topic this issue is supervision. There are so many materials in this area it would be impossible to review them all. But, here are a few I thought you'd be interested in.